ALSA Model United Nations

ALSA English Challenge and Model United Nations is an annual event that is held  after seeing the importance of English and the awareness of global problems to the young generation. ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Padjadjaran has been organizing this event since 2000, marking this year as the 17th ALSA English Challenge. The 17th ALSA Model United Nations was held on 17-20 February 2017 and took place in Bandung.

ALSA Model United Nations 2017 hosted two councils, where each of them brought a theme concerning contemporary global problems, which were:

  • United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Topic: The Central African Republic Ongoing Civil War

  • United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

Topic: Placing Atheists On Equal Footing With Faith Groups

During the conferences, the delegates must employ a variety of communication and critical thinking skills in order to represent the policies of their country. As one of the most well known MUN clubs in Indonesia, President University Model United Nations club (PUMUN) sent ten of its best delegates to ALSA Model United Nations 2017. They were; Dimas Bagas Arya (IRE 2015), Jennifer Reva Anton (IRE 2016), Joshua Mahawira (IRE 2016), Methildis Yue (IRE 2015), M. Ilham Razak (IRE 2016), Ni Putu Ardilayanti (IRE 2016), Peter Sean Lie (IRE 2015), Rachmat Al Hafizh (IRE 2016), Tengku Nabila Azhariani (IRE 2016), and Yurico Risdianto (IRE 2016).

We proudly announce that one of the delegates from President University, Muhammad Ilham Razak (IRE 2016), was able  to bring an award home as a reward for his hard work and persistence. He got the Best Position Paper award in the United Nations Security Council Committee (UNSC) as the delegate of Bolivia. The other delegates surely got more experience and lessons to learn after joining the event as well. We really do hope that the participation of these delegates will be able to motivate and inspire other students, as well as bring the name of  President University and PUMUN throughout the country and beyond.

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