Institut Teknologi Bandung MUN (ITBMUN)

Institut Teknologi Bandung MUN (ITBMUN)  is an event that relates to the authentic simulations of United Nations conducted by Institut Teknologi Bandung. ITBMUN 2016 was the first MUN competition held by GMUNC under the patronage of ITB. The event was held on 25-27 November 2016 and took place in Grand Tjokro Hotel, Bandung.

ITBMUN 2016 hosted two councils, where each of them brought a rare, interesting, yet urgent and pressing issue, which were:

  • Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM)

Topic: Protecting Workers’ Right in Developing Countries

  • Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL)

Topic: The Future of China: One China, Two Systems

In the prestigious event, President University sent one of its best delegates, M. Rendy Utomo Rachim (IRE 2015), to the ITBMUN 2016 as the delegate of French Republic. President University Model United Nations club (PUMUN) proudly announce that as the only delegate from President University, he was able  to bring an award home as a reward for his hard work and persistence. He was awarded as the Honorable Mention in the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM). MUN is a great platform to be aware of world and develop one’s capabilities of delivering speech, debating, thinking critically. We really do hope that the achievement will be able to motivate

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