MUN Exhibition

In addition of our growing popularity outside university with so much achievements we have achieved, we still believe that our existence inside own university is the most important, which is very related to how can PresunivMUN survive until the next year and so on. It is important to have a regeneration as well.

Besides, we also have to inform all the student what is it like to be a delegation of some countries in the world and at the same moment study its materials. On top of that we must have a people that can bring the same excitement as we always show on each MUN.

Therefore, we create this event that will promote our MUN called “MUN Exhibition”. As a start, we, PresunivMUN, held the event for three days. The first two days we spent our time giving explanation for other students about MUN, our club, and anything they wanted to know. We also had photo session with country’s placards and game session on the spot to make the event more interesting.

On the last day, we conducted the simulation to give them a little bit of experience in debating about the world’s issues. The simulation marked the end of the event. Yet, we hope that the next board will keep this up and improve the way they see fit.