MUN Workshop

24th of October is the most memorable date for United Nations, where the biggest international organizations had been established in 1945. As the basic pattern of PresUniv MUN, in every October PresUniv MUN always have a special event to celebrate United Nations birthday. MUN Workshop has been conducted for two periods in 2011 and 2012. Besides celebrating United Nations birthday the event also has the purpose to introduce freshmen of President University to know and learn how Model United Nations (MUN) works.


In those two periods PresUniv MUN always had a cooperation with United Nations Information Center (UNIC) in the program which called UN4U (United Nations for You) that annualy been established in order to decrease the gap between United Nations and people generally and students especially.


There were two session in the MUN Workshop the first is seminar and the second is MUN Simulation. In the first year of MUN Workshop PresUniv MUN had Mr. Michelle Zacceo and Mr. Makmur Widodo as the speakers and in the second year PresUniv MUN invited Mr. Sharif Natanegara from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to share about Millenium Development Goals (MDGs).


MUN Workshop is so beneficial for freshmen or anybody who interested in international issues moreover for those who have curiosity in Model United Nations (MUN). It is an annual event of PresUniv MUN that will bridge students interest to practical of diplomacy in the real United Nations atmostphere.

Workshop MUN 2012