Short Diplomatic Course

Short Diplomatic Course

A short diplomatic course a.k.a SDC is literally a course with diplomatic purposes and a short time-span to enjoy. The initial purpose is to provide bigger dimensions for people to learn foreign languages and implement their speaking-cognitive skills in one occasion. PUMUN had brought out two kinds of SDCs; those will keep on developing as innovative ideas in savoring MUN necessities came on.

Vessel I – Public Speaking Training

As the Research & Development body of PUMUN, we have the duty to conduct a short two hours-long course aiming for enhancing one’s capabilities in speaking in front of a mass. The first short-diplomatic course was destined to explore the speaking skills of every participant in the course. The public speaking training is originally the generator of one’s speaking basis, when one does a public speaking, it does not matter how rich one’s vocabulary is however, bear in mind that fluency and confidence are the most essential elements in it. Our course was practically very simple, at the beginning of the session; there will be an introductory tips and tricks for both beginner and advanced speakers. Thoroughly, participants will understand the fundamental part in public speaking and thus marked the start of the exercise. With a given topic, participants then are asked to make a short speech and presented it in front of all the audience for some certain minutes. After all participants have done so, they will get to hear some objective comments from the audience. This training was proven beneficial for most of the participants since it will reflect and deepen one’s speaking habit and abilities.

Vessel II – Impromptu Alternate Universe Debate

The other activity that we have held out is a debate program. It was designed abruptly from a sudden call. An impromptu debate is where two groups of different perspectives, affirmative and negative side to go on each other with a specific motion to be debated. The motion comes out of nowhere which is why it was called an alternate-universe debate. Each group will have three speakers acting as the first, second and the third speaker whom each will has his/her own duty. The purpose of this program is obviously to train the mind to think faster, critical and solid to make some powerful arguments to tackle down the opponents’ opinion. After a series of debate, the acting as the timekeeper-slash-judge will have to give his/her remark regarding to the debate and decide which side of the house win the debate. It will also be the time to evaluate one’s individual speaking skills and teamwork feasibility.